BEING A FEMALE ENTREPRENEUR: Reimagine your Professional-self through Culture

Project number 2020-1-ES01-KA204081956


the project

If you are looking for resources and new learning and professional paths within the Cultural and Creative Industries… this is the right place! Get involved and join a community that will empower you to deviate from the established professional role models and help you become what you want.

The FEMALE ENTREPRENEUR PROJECT supports all those women who are struggling to find new ways to reconcile their professional and personal life to be able to start their own professional careers and set up their businesses within the Creative and Cultural Industries sectors.

By taking part in this project, women will see an increase of their initiative and leadership senses and will have more and better business to improve their own business. There will be a generalised larger cultural diversity understanding and greater valuing of the European cultural heritage and more opportunities in quality and innovative training paths for entrepreneur women will be created.

Browse through our website and find out all the project can offer you, going from assessment tools to learn at what stage you are to an online course to help you improve those skills and competences you identified that need to be improved.



Navigate around this map and find out about successful case studies, best practices, inspirational examples and useful tools and platforms that can be useful to you in this new entrepreneurial journey.


Online Kick off Meeting

4th November 2020

Second Transnational Meeting

September 2021 in Greece

Third Transnational Meeting

March 2022 in Romania

Fourth Transnational Meeting

October 2022 in Croatia

Fifth Transnational Meeting

March 2023 in Brussels